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Loving Couple

An 8 week live online program empowering and supporting single women to fully heal, love and value themselves, so that they can confidently and happily attract and thrive in a mutually respectful, loving and happy romantic relationship!

Now enrolling for the March-May 2023 Live Program!!



Due to popular demand, I’m super-excited to be running this empowering and healing program for women for a 2nd time starting on the 14th of March!


This is a life-changing 8 week live online group program, AND you also get TWO private one-to-one Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) sessions with me to release any self-worth and relationship blocks that may have been holding you back from truly loving yourself and cultivating a healthy, loving relationship with a partner too! READ MORE ABOUT RTT HERE!


This program will empower and support you to make positive change if you identify with any of the following:


* You are an independent career-driven woman who tends to struggle with low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and limiting beliefs in relationships

* You have experienced at least one toxic relationship and/or have found yourself triggered and insecure, even when you’re in a good relationship 

* You are aware that you may still be influenced and affected by some negative aspects of your childhood and these experiences are limiting you still in your life today


* You may have grown up not being nurtured by, or emotionally connected with, your father or your mum (or sometimes both parents). Or maybe you witnessed a parents' break-up or unhappy relationship

* You may be feeling frustrated, fed up and fearful of attracting another toxic relationship or of driving a future partner away because you unconsciously sabotage yourself and your own happiness 

* You are feeling lonely and really desire a fulfilling, loving relationship with a partner, but you don’t trust that this is possible for you, unless you make some changes to your internal world and heal your past 

The Healthy Relationship Roadmap will support you to heal childhood wounds, gain a real sense of self-awareness, as well as experiencing freedom from old patterns and limiting beliefs about relationships and self-worth.


You will learn how to fully embrace self-love and compassion so that you can have a future healthy, happy and loving relationship with a partner and feel peaceful, totally enough and worthy of love, just as you are.


This program is for heart-centred and courageous women who understand that their internal world has been affecting their relationships, both with themselves and previous partners. If this sounds like you and your are motivated and ready to heal from the inside-out, in order to enjoy more love, joy and happiness in your life, I would love to speak to you!


Spaces are limited for this program. If you want to know more or know anyone that would benefit from this, please do book a discovery application call using the link!

The Healthy

Relationship Roadmap!

The Healthy Relationship Roadmap will take you from unhealthy patterns, feeling frustrated and stuck repeating the same negative cycles in relationships, to feeling empowered, confident and clear with healthy boundaries but an open heart, so that you can create a conscious, equal, healthy, happy and loving relationship.

Are you in?

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