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An 8 week program empowering women to confidently attract and thrive in a mutually respectful, loving and happy romantic relationship!

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Do you recognize one or more of the below in your own life?

You are a 40+ accomplished woman who is fulfilled in career and life, but relationships are the one area of your life you struggle with.

You're fed up with attracting the wrong guys or it's been a while since you've attracted anyone at all.

You're afraid you'll never have a relationship again. There may be a belief that there are good men out there but they are not available for you.

You've tended to 'people-please' or lose yourself in relationships in the past and you don't want to repeat this again.

You've struggled with feeling insecure in some past relationships and felt suffocated in others.

You're scared to put yourself out there again in case you face rejection or abandonment.

You believe a relationship may take away more than it gives you.

You find it difficult to express your truth and to be fully yourself in a relationship.

You've experienced a previous toxic relationship and/or a painful break-up.

You feel lonely and unfulfilled and long to find a genuine and deep connection with someone special.

You suspect that you have sabotaged relationships in your past and want to let go of these patterns now.

You want to feel secure and loved and to share your life and build a future with a wonderful partner.

You're aware that you have played a 'role' in your relationship history and are ready to do the inner work to free yourself of any love blocks that are standing in your way of being truly happy.


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The Healthy

Relationship Roadmap!

The Healthy Relationship Roadmap will take you from unhealthy patterns, feeling frustrated and stuck repeating the same negative cycles in relationships, to feeling empowered, confident and clear with healthy boundaries but an open heart, so that you can create a conscious, equal, healthy, happy and loving relationship.