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I love to empower people to live their best lives!!

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I honestly have a huge passion for all things mindset, personal growth, healing, manifestation and creating healthy relationships! I have been quite obsessed with self-development since I read my first book on the subject nearly 30 years ago!!

I also love to write and share what I learn and have learnt!

I write two weekly newsletters:

Mindset Matters and Relationship Matters!

Both contain many tips, practices and techniques to help in these areas!

Mindset Matters

I share my knowledge, tips, tools and techniques that have worked for me and my clients in the areas of personal growth, mental and emotional wellness, mindset, self-care, habits and productivity!

Love Yourself
In Love

Relationship Matters

I write about relationships, dating, communication, healing the past, boundaries, healthy love and how to meet your soulmate!

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
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