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Supporting and empowering single women to heal their past, love themselves more and cultivate the perfect mindset and energy to find and thrive in a great relationship!

The Healthy

Relationship Roadmap!


A 12 week live online program empowering and supporting single women to fully heal, love and value themselves, so that they can confidently and happily attract and thrive in a mutually respectful, loving and happy romantic relationship!

Now enrolling for the next Live Programs! 



Due to popular demand, I’m super-excited to be running this empowering and healing program for women for a 4th time soon!


This is my signature one-to-one 8 week live online program. This life-changing program includes a powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session with me to release any self-worth and relationship blocks that may have been holding you back from truly loving yourself and cultivating a healthy, loving relationship with a partner too! READ MORE ABOUT RTT HERE!


This program will empower and support you to make positive change if you identify with any of the following:


* You are an independent, single, professional woman who is fulfilled in many ways and achieving some success in your career, but romantic relationships are the one area that you struggle with


* In the past you have tended to struggle with low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and limiting beliefs in relationships or when dating.

* You've tended to 'lose' yourself in past relationship and have found speaking your truth and communicating your needs, feelings and boundaries so painfully difficult

* You have experienced at least one toxic  or dysfunctional relationship, a painful break-up and/or have found yourself anxious, triggered and insecure, even when you’re in a 'good' relationship 

* You may be feeling frustrated, fed up and fearful of attracting another toxic relationship or of driving a future partner away, because in the past you have unconsciously sabotaged yourself and your own happiness or put up with bad or neglectful treatment from a partner

* You may have a deep fear of rejection, abandonment and/or be scared of being hurt, abused or trapped in a controlling relationship. You've experienced some of these negative dynamics before and you worry that history will repeat itself

* You are feeling lonely, like you're missing out on some aspects of life and you do really desire a fulfilling, loving relationship with a partner. You just don’t trust that this is possible for you, unless you make some changes, but you're just not sure how to change past patterns on your own

* You are aware that you may still be influenced and affected by some negative aspects of your childhood and past relationships, and these experiences are limiting you still in your life today


* You may have grown up not being nurtured by, or emotionally connected with, your father or your mum (or sometimes both parents). Or maybe you witnessed a parents' break-up or unhappy relationship

The Healthy Relationship Roadmap will support you to heal your past (including past relationship and childhood wounds that may be still lingering and affecting you in your love-life today). You will also gain a real sense of self-awareness, which empowers you to move towards with freedom from old patterns. You will learn how to challenge  and transform limiting beliefs about relationships and self-worth, that may have held you back from fully loving yourself and others.


You will learn how to fully embrace self-love and compassion and cultivate the perfect mindset and energy to harness the universal laws (including the law of attraction) to draw all good things towards you, including a wonderful and loving relationship!


You will have the tools and the confidence to find and thrive in a healthy, happy and loving relationship with a partner and feel peaceful, totally enough and worthy of love, just as you are.


This program is for heart-centred and courageous women who understand that their past experiences and their internal world has been affecting their relationships, both with themselves and previous partners. If this sounds like you and your are coachable, motivated and ready to heal from the inside-out, in order to enjoy more love, joy and happiness in your life, I would love to speak to you!


Spaces are limited for this program. If you want to know more or know anyone that would benefit from this, please do book a discovery application call using the link!

"This training was amazing. At the beginning of the training, I was dating my current partner. By the end of the training, I was in a committed relationship. This training helped me see that I am loveable just the way that I am and it made me see where my trauma seemed to come from and how I could overcome the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and patterns that have been swirling around in my head all these years. Becca has been a life saver and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to clear their love blocks and create the relationship of their dreams with someone and with themself." - AB
"Becca provided a course which was totally empowering. It worked at having compassion for ourselves and our experiences, to feeling powerful to be able to choose our thoughts and feelings and how we react to things. Having the tools to create a relationship which matches our true selves is incredibly exciting. The course is packed with practical and interesting information which helps us to understand ourselves better and how we relate to others. Becca is a wonderful teacher, full of compassion and passionate about what she is providing." - NM
""I was feeling a loss of direction, somehow I was feeling stuck in life but unsure on the area that I need to work on and kept finding the path to resolve that negative energy within myself. Desperately seeking help, and I came across your posts so I decided to give RTT a try. Relationships have been my biggest challenge, no matter how much I tried, I kept meeting guys that were not treating me right to somewhat abusive. The best thing that happened in my life after my RTT experience, is I have met a super wonderful man that genuinely cares and loves me. I would recommend RTT to people who are willing to invest in themselves and are hungry for change. It has been positive and helpful for me." - DT

The Healthy Relationship Roadmap will take you from unhealthy patterns, feeling frustrated and stuck repeating the same negative cycles in relationships, to feeling empowered, confident and clear with healthy boundaries but an open heart, so that you can create a conscious, equal, healthy, happy and loving relationship.

Are you in?

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