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We use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is a resource-orientated method that influences the neural pathways, re-evaluating cognitions and emotions and thereby initiating the self-healing process. EMDR utilizes bilateral stimulation (e.g., both brain hemispheres are activated), primarily through guided eye movements, or, increasingly, with tactile or acoustic stimulation. In the case of trauma, the event is stored incompletely or in fragments, not as a whole. The memory is not connected with the centres for time, language and logic. Through bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or alternate tapping above the knee or on the palms of the hands or acoustic stimulation, while at the same time concentrating on the traumatic situation, impulses are sent alternatively to the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The previously split and unconnected networks are reconnected and recognized by the cognitive brain as ‘the past’. The fragmented memory is gradually transformed into a whole memory. The ‘emotional brain’ and the ‘cognitive brain’ are now both active and linked concerning the information around the traumatic event. This is why after a few EMDR sessions clients perceive the trauma as belonging to the past and no longer to the present: “It was bad but now it’s over”

How do we treat the after effects of trauma?

Are you suffering following a trauma?

Free from trauma

After a traumatic event people are often overwhelmed by the experience. "Normal" reactions such as fear, anger or sadness turn into panic, exhaustion and desperation. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) can set in, normally as a delayed reaction, days or even months after the traumatic experience.

How many sessions are required?

Most issues can be greatly helped in between 3 and 6 sessions but this really varies according to each person and their unique situation. Sometimes Rapid Transformational Therapy will also be suggested in addition to EMDR. We will discuss this at the beginning and come up with a treatment plan together. 

How to get started?

Healthy Habits Hypnosis can help you to make profound and lasting changes in your life. Call, email me or simply fill in the enquiry form on the contacts page and I'll be in touch to arrange a complimentary phone consultation. During this no obligation consultation we can have a chat about your goals and I will explain the process to you. We can then decide together whether the treatment is right for you at this particular time in your life.

Following EMDR sessions clients report;
  • Feeling lighter and having more energy.

  • The fearful feelings no longer have the hold they once did.

  • Feeling much happier, emotionally balanced and more relaxed.

  • Being able to leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

  • Improved relationships with others.

  • Better boundaries with others and more self-care and acceptance.

  • Once distressing memories become less bothersome and no longer have the crippling effects they used to.

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