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Disordered Eating:

"RTT has been an incredible journey and so much positive has come out of it already and it’s hardly been a month since I’ve had my first session. I’ve struggled with disordered eating/binge/ comfort and stress eating for over 30 years and can’t believe Becca’s helped me resolve it in practically 21 days!! I feel I’m finally the person who I’ve always meant to be.

I felt amazing immediately after, which lasted for a couple of days, then was on a bit of a roller coaster ride with it all for around 2/2and a half weeks, when I had a few relapses as well as good days, so a real mixture. However, it all started changing suddenly right after that and I just stopped even thinking about food, no more obsession around it nor the urges to binge, despite still facing the exact same stressful scenarios at work, etc… It felt like a miracle and such a relief!!


The best thing been since my session has been to be able to live life with excitement and a happy, calm state of mind most of the time since my obsession with food is gone. I was constantly battling with it along with the pain, regrets after a binge and the helplessness and desperation as I felt no-one could ever help me since I’d really tried it all!! All this took up so much of my time as well as all my emotional, mental and physical energies, but no more as it’s a thing of the past now and I feel free again!!

I would recommend the RTT program to others a million percent!!!​ Such an amazing, caring, kind, wonderful person you are Becca and exceptional in your profession!! I’m forever grateful to you; you’ve truly changed my life - you’re the best!! Thank you so much!!! And anyone who’s still sceptical - you’ve got to do it, if you're after true, ever-lasting change and healing!! - Andrea M

Healing & Releasing Creative Success & Abundance Blocks:

"I noticed a difference within the first week. I noticed my responses to people around were different to how I may have previously responded and reacted. I feel more open and more assured, I don’t think I react as “personally” and I feel like I am standing more in who I am and what I want. I feel like I am not as interested as to “what others think”, this is my journey and I feel like I am more focused on what I want, where I am going and without all the “worry of others” - I guess I could say I feel more determined with an inner passion again.  I am immensely grateful for our session and for the shifts and subtle changes it has brought me. I felt so comfortable and in a complete “bubble” of safety and trust with you…. You have a wonderful gift to anyone seeking changes within their lives and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you and RTT! Thank you!!" - Anon

Disordered Eating:

"I was able to experience the emotions that came up in a healthy way and felt very supported during and after the sessions. I noticed a change straight after the session of the second RTT process. I felt enthusiastic and hopeful. The best thing since my sessions is that I've felt more confident in the decisions that I have made and been able to stay consistent in my recovery, this has lead to a clearer mind and more peace in my life.​​ I absolutely would recommend your RTT programme you to others. You are both professional and friendly, compassionate, kind and generous with your time." - Kerry H

Fear of Flying:

"During the RTT experience I felt very good. The session felt very thorough. Afterwards I felt very hopeful about the future. I first noticed a change about three weeks afterwards, I had a deep sense of well being and happiness and could think about planes without feeling fearful. The best thing been since the session is realising the importance of reprogramming the brain with consistent positive intentions and expectations."- Anon

Toilet Mapping:

"Well what can I say but a huge THANK YOU! I've been to my grandson's christening, my granddaughter's confirmation, my son's wedding (nearly 4 hours drive away) and holiday in Spain! I enjoyed every moment of them, not even thinking about where the nearest loo is. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you!" - Anon


Confidence & Communication:

"I found RTT a powerful experience but I felt very safe with Becca and completely trusted her to guide and support me. I felt a change in my mood immediately after the session but it wasn’t until after I had listened to the recording for 21 days that I began to notice a gradually evolving change, which was very positive. The best thing been since the session has been feeling able to communicate my feelings and needs. Feeling like a mental blockage has been removed and some energy has been released. Being successful in a new job process has been a real boost and proof that the RTT has enabled me to present myself confidently.

​The RTT experience has been worth its weight in gold from beginning to end. It is also reassuring to know that I can continue the work on myself and that I can return to Becca in the future if I need to." - Esther W

Fear of Flying:

"The overall experience was great. Becca could not be more welcoming and friendly. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during all sessions, clearly in good hands with someone very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate, and with a very special voice. Three sessions did the trick. I first noticed a change right away, there was a conscious and subconscious sense of calm. And a few days later, a few days prior to a flight, the usual anxiety was much, much reduced. The best thing been since my sessions has been almost no anxiety during two relatively bumpy flights.​ I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to others." - Anon

Public Speaking & Presenting:

"RTT was really interesting! It is not so often when you need to look back in your life and it is actually quite an emotional trip. I first noticed a change after couple of weeks. The best thing since RTT is that I do things automatically without any doubts and later on I realize that I did it! On a scale of 0-10 presenting online is not affecting me negatively at all now, so it's a "0"!​ I would definitely recommend RTT, without any doubt, of course! Thanks :)" - Ilkka K

Eating Disorder & Confidence Issues:

"I found RTT extremely powerful and more effective than standard talking therapies. It was a strange sensation being hypnotized but it allowed me to get to the root of the problem quickly and easily and would fully recommend it. I was blown away by the findings and it has enabled me to rationalise things more easily than before.


Becca was extremely tentative and caring throughout and this helped me to open up and be vulnerable whilst feeling safe and secure. I first noticed a change after the session, I felt a bit unwell the following day, but Becca told me this was normal and it felt like part of the healing process. I think it took about a week and a bit to start seeing a big difference however on reflection, I was noticing little changes each day soon after the session. It’s not a linear process but Becca supplies you with the tools to help you stay on track as well as be kind to yourself on more difficult days.

The best thing since my session is that I have stopped making myself sick and I am feeling less guilty and bad about being myself and who I am.​​ I would definitely recommend RTT as it has helped me more than any other therapy and in such a quick amount of time as well." - A Lauren


Healing from Childhood Trauma

"The RTT experience is a wonderfully powerful and effective therapy. For me, it felt like a deep cleanse inside, letting go of old, unhelpful stuff. I first noticed a change after a couple of days. I was feeling more confident to communicate my needs more clearly.​

I feel a lot more peaceful and calm. I feel I have all of myself back together again in a complete whole that I am really honouring and appreciating. I feel I have a beautiful loving and supportive relationship with myself now. I am able to partner myself, give and receive support simultaneously. It is very empowering.

I would certainly recommend Becca's RTT programmes to everyone! Becca is so soft, compassionate and on the issue. It is both practical and gentle. I am most grateful for this amazing healing experience with Becca. The retreat was a real bonus with lots of wonderful therapies and very tasty food, being spoilt to the maximum." - Maureen M

Lack of Self-Esteem, Confidence and People Pleasing:

"I was nervous and unsure before I started, but soon felt at ease.​ The initial session was difficult and painful but not all journeys are easy. I noticed a change very quickly, the very next day. Difficult to explain but I just felt different, lighter and more confident The best thing been since my session has been continuing confidence!​ I absolutely recommended the RTT process and have done!​ Thank and light!" - Diane B

Self-Doubt and Lack of Confidence:

"The RTT experience was incredible. It blows my mind the impact it has had on me, my everyday life but also my entourage.

I first noticed a change after the recording session. After that session I felt lighter but also very proud of myself. It’s a scary place to be in your emotions when they are so raw but Becca made me feel supported and heard the whole way through which made it much more manageable than my fears where letting on. The best thing been since my session has been the confidence I have gained in myself. My acceptance and gratitude towards my past. I feel supported within myself, which is something I used to seek in everyone and everything else around me.


A massive, massive thank you. You have such a gift and I am grateful you are offering it to others. I believe we need more people in this world willing to go through this healing process as the results are incredible. I hope we get to work together again as you are a true pleasure to speak to. Thank you again for everything." - Jess S

Anxiety, Lack of Self-Esteem and Low Self-Worth:

"The RTT was a very humbling, exhausting and rewarding experience. I first noticed a change around a fortnight after my RTT session, I was at a wedding. And as always I’m usually the only single bridesmaid/guest at these events. While seated at a table with friends, a comment was made on a group photo we had just taken with the bride and groom with bridemaids and partners. I was the only one who didn’t have a partner standing behind her and the photo was commented to be ‘unbalanced’ by this. Usually I would joke about how I couldn’t find a +1 with being busy and some other sugar coated response, but on this occasion I did feel rather confident in myself and politely pointed out that yes that was the situation but it was still a good photo. I didn’t feel a sense of trying to ‘explain’ and justify myself as a response to my people-pleasing nature of wanting to reassure someone who had a ‘finger’ pointed at me. I just calmly and smiling acknowledged the situation and the evening continued with no awkwardness.


I now have the sense of confidence that I don’t have to apologise for myself. My delayed responses to text messages, making plans with friends.. I’m more honest now to others to state when I don’t want to make plans and want time alone.


I would definitely recommend RTT! As much as affirmations and journaling is beneficial to one who’s navigating a new chapter or rough path in their life, if the subconscious isn’t on the same page as you, then the recovery and recalibration of oneself to overcome the challenging times can take much longer and feel steeper. The RTT programme has helped me to face the right direction I needed to be in, so I can start making the journey." - Stacy O

Extreme Anxiety and Panic Attacks:

"Before I had RTT I was worried that it wouldn’t work, but the experience has been amazing and has completely changed how I feel about everyday activities! I first noticed a change a couple days after listing to my recording. The best thing since the session is just being able to live my life without having to be worried that doing something will make me anxious. ​I can't recommend the RTT programme enough, it's definitely worth doing!" - F Scotland

Wanting to Stop Attracting Toxic Relationships:

"I was feeling a loss of direction, somehow I was feeling stuck in life but unsure on the area that I need to work on and kept finding the path to resolve that negative energy within myself. Desperately seeking help, and I came across your posts so I decided to give RTT a try. Relationships have been my biggest challenge, no matter how much I tried, I kept meeting guys that were not treating me right to somewhat abusive. The best thing that happened in my life after my RTT experience, is I have met a super wonderful man that genuinely cares and loves me. I would recommend RTT to people who are willing to invest in themselves and are hungry for change. It has been positive and helpful for me." - D Tan

Wanting to Stop Snacking:

"I wasn’t sure about hypnosis and I was worried of my emotions taking over, but the RTT was an amazing experience. Nothing like I was imagining before. Becca is amazing and an experienced therapist taking you on that journey with trust, empathy and compassion. After the session I was very relieved and felt very good with myself. I guess, without that session I would never linked my childhood to current problems. I started to notice a change straight after my session from many points of view. My thinking has changed, the way I am looking at myself and thinking about myself is different and better. It is a process, although I could see changes very quickly. The best thing been since RTT is peace within myself I guess. I can understand myself better. Although the most important thing is that I learnt how to say no to snacking! I would absolutely recommend RTT to others! After trying many different things to improve my inner wellbeing and overcome my cravings to sweets RTT was the most powerful!" - Hanna P


"I have tried numerous therapies, solutions to help me restore balanced steady sleep and RTT gave me the results I have craved for years, a solid night’s sleep. I knew very little about the RTT process but having experienced the results, I would recommend it to anyone who has tried other therapies for long-standing subconscious troubles and they haven’t worked well. This one did for me. I have another area of my life that I believe will be helped by RTT and I am looking forward to a second round of this exceptional therapy. I am so glad I reached out to Becca and asked for an appointment. It has been life-changing and I am so grateful. Thank you Becca." - Anon

Anxiety & Insomnia:

"I did have some fears and hesitation before the session, thinking that maybe hypnosis won't work for me. But the RTT was humbling, empowering and deeply emotional. I first noticed a change after a few times of listening to my recording. The best thing since the session has been more confidence. On a scale of 1-10 these issues were bothering me at a 10 and now I would say only 3-4 on the scale! I would absolutely recommend the RTT programme to others!" - Anon

Overcoming Fears & Triggers In Relationships:

"I highly recommend Becca and her RTT sessions, for those who want to overcome fears , insecurities and other issues. It helped me a lot and allowed me to dive deep into my core wounds. I felt a change right after the first session. My fears regarding particular issue have gone and I feel much lighter, positive and confident." - Evita B

Self-Esteem & Confidence for Attracting Relationship:

"The RTT experience has been very positive, but then I knew it would be. Logically it makes sense but also as a treatment it feels very much aligned with my own self development. Becca was excellent and empathetic and a great guide.​

I noticed a change straight away in my body image and self esteem the same day. The best thing since the session has been knowing that shifts have occurred without me spending time and energy having to calculate and work out how out why they occurred. They just ‘happened'. I would 100% recommend RTT to others." - Karen C


Procrastination Starting New Business:

"I would absolutely recommend your RTT program to individuals who feel stuck in a certain area of their life and are looking to move forward with more clarity, ease and confidence. I'm feeling more focused, less lethargic and willing to tackle areas in my life that I'd previously been procrastinating over. Also I've had a number of work opportunities present themselves, which I feel confident in embracing. 

As a working parent I found the 28 day integration process achievable and relaxing and greatly appreciated you creating a safe, supportive space for open reflection throughout our time working together. " - Anon

Money Blocks:

"​My RTT experience was quite relaxing. It was a feeling of being in between sleep and awake but being aware of being taken on a journey to certain points in my life, especially during childhood. It has been a gradual change and the best thing been since my session is being aware of some of the roots of my problems but also feeling completely different about the issue and not so fearful anymore. I do not view my issue as a burden anymore but just to take it as what it is. I am also more forgiving of the people I was angry with in the past and better understand where they come from.​

I would definitely recommend the RTT programme and I will explore having more sessions to address other parts of my life.​

Becca is a very caring and attentive practitioner and I really enjoyed working with her. I also really enjoy her peaceful voice during the recording, which really enhanced the experience of listening to the recording. Thank you Becca." - Anon

Lack of confidence at Work & in Relationships:
"After we had our session, I mentioned to you that I had a shift in how I viewed myself as a teacher - it didn’t look big from the outside but felt huge to me. Like a huge block had been removed. About 2 months later,  I had what felt like a miraculous change where I just felt really inspired and  good enough to apply for jobs in places I would have never even looked at before our session together. All of a sudden it didn’t matter whether they hired me or not because I felt good enough! Being rejected didn’t seem so scary anymore.
I am so pleased to say that I got both jobs, one at a really high end gym and another at central London studio!

I really do put this down to that shift I had the day after our session together and then listening to the recording in the weeks that followed. I still play it at night every now and again! I’m also more confident in my current jobs, I feel like I’m allowed  to take up space and  like what I have to offer matters. This is huge for me as it’s been the opposite my whole life. I also have so much more compassion for myself.

 though I haven’t met my partner yet, I have this deep knowing that he’s on his way! Thank you so much Becca." - S.C.

Money Blocks & Anxiety Around Dealing with Finances in Business:

"The RTT was so powerful, the experience itself was incredibly intense, hard work but in the best possible way. Becca made me feel very safe. I first noticed a change the next day although its been cumulative. The week after I noticed that I was dealing with issues that I would usually find very stressful but I wasn't finding them stressful! A huge change! It's like a major issue in my life that affected my everyday has dissolved. It's not just improved, its no longer there. I am amazed. It's hugely reduced my stress!" - L.S.

Lack of Confidence & Self-Esteem in Relationships & in Career:

"Overall my experience of RTT has been great. I can only liken it to how water wears away at rocks, taking them from huge masses to tiny grains of sand. RTT has continued to work away at my limiting beliefs and i still listen to my recording about 3 nights a week. The changes are gradual but powerful, I feel like it is really helping me to reframe and retrain my brain to think differently about work and my self worth. i spent years beating myself up about not being a good enough yoga teacher, and not having the confidence to apply to certain places. 3 months after my session and when an opportunity came up to apply to one of these studios I didn't even think twice! I have so much more trust in myself now and wether I get the job or not, I feel good enough! I am really grateful to Becca for sharing her passion for helping others, she is not pushy or 'salesy' at all but very warm and genuine. Overall an amazing experience and love that i can keep the recording for years to come!" - S Carroll

Disordered Eating & Lack of Confidence:

"I loved the RTT, it brought up some really emotional experiences but it was nice to finally do something about it. I first noticed a change about 2/3 weeks after the RTT session​. The best thing is that I’m not constantly thinking about food all the time and feel more confident. To anybody who is thinking about having RTT therapy 100% do it! Becca was amazing, made me feel at ease instantly and I felt comfortable with her from our first consultation. I was worried that I might not be able to go into hypnosis as I have never done it before, but it worked. I didn’t feel the benefits initially but about 2 weeks after the treatment something clicked and I instantly felt better with my relationship with food and feel more confident. Thank you Becca."- Anon

Hypnotherapy for First Time:

"I would highly recommend Becca to anyone doing hypnotherapy for the first time.  She fully explained the process and how it works, answering all queries and took time to understand my specific situation, why I needed help and what programme would be the best for my needs.  Across all the virtual sessions she kept ensuring that she was addressing my needs and followed up in between to check how I was feeling and my progress.  I felt comfortable and relaxed in every session and the sessions were arranged to fit around my busy working week.  Having been quite nervous about hypnotherapy to begin with, I would have no hesitation to do it again and with Becca – thank you."- Alison

Self-Esteem & Boundaries in Relationships & Work:

"I felt huge relief and shifts in the initial session and generally noticed more positivity and lightness with each day post. For me it was the right thing at the right time and got straight to some fundamental and important blockers that were starting to make my life too small. I noticed a significant difference the next day. I had some important and tense meetings and didn’t over think as much. I was also not as hard on myself as I can be. I was better able to put things into perspective. The best thing since my session is feeling lighter & more playful.​ I would most definitely recommend RTT to others, because of the programme itself and also because of the way you kindly, gently but very astutely lean into the heart of something Becca. Thank you so much." - Anon

Depression & Perfectionism:

"I noticed a change in my thought patterns becoming more positive quite quickly after first hearing the recording.​​

Thank you Becca, for being so supportive of me and encouraging, giving me the time I needed, as well as a very kind and non-judgemental listener."- L.G.


"I would absolutely recommend the RTT 28 Day Programme. It was a very revealing and emotional experience. Becca is a lovely and genuine, compassionate therapist and forms a real connection with her clients. I felt really comfortable talking to Becca as she was warm and non-judgemental. The sleep hypnosis has transformed me to relax in bed." - Amar S

Anxiety & Limiting Beliefs in Romantic Relationships:

"I didn't feel any nerves at all beforehand, just excitement. I was really looking forward to the session to start a new journey.​ The RTT was a very positive experience & I first noticed a change a week after the treatment. The best thing since the session is that I have a clearer vision of the future, it reinforced my confidence and helped me with setting stronger boundaries. I would absolutely recommend it to others. Thank you so much Becca! It was lovely working with you!" - Serena Z

Communication In Relationships:

"Before the session I was a little worried about any resistance I may have had to being hypnotised.​ But I enjoyed it. I went in with an open mind (open for me!) and found the process v useful to my personal circumstances. I'd like to potentially use it again, sparingly, when needed in the future.​ I noticed a change immediately after my session, especially the next 48-72 hours. Then by using the recording afterwards to reinforce what had been said in the session. The best thing since my session has been being calmer, noticeably calmer. I would definitely recommend RTT to others."- Malcolm M

"The biggest compliment is it worked. I was pessimistic but it really did work. Becca is so easy to work with and enables you be totally comfortable in all sessions. I noticed a change within a week.​ Its now week 4 and so far so good. People around me have also seen the difference. The best thing since my session is just feeling more comfortable about the problems I had and how to deal with them. I would 100 hundred percent recommend Becca's RTT 28 day Programme!" - Ian D

Overwhelm & Insecurity In a Relationship:

“I heard that RTT is a very powerful therapy that can quickly resolve issues and was referred to Becca for help.

My issue was feelings of being overwhelmed and lacking self esteem regarding a romantic connect from over seven years ago.

We had broken up but there had been a lot of synergy between us and now he had contacted me after all this time.  Becca helped me to realise and release the childhood wounding of not being acknowledged or loved.

Though her amazing skills she showed me the truth and helped me to build the strength and conviction that I am lovable and respected by men. Now when I meet up with this person, I feel confident and in control which is such a relief.  I am enjoying his company and making sure to take care of my needs at the same time.  He is loving my confidence and clarity."- Ann - Cape Town

Confidence, Self-Esteem & Boundaries In Relationship:

"Becca is lovely to work with, she put me at ease from the very first moment we had a chat, she is calm, compassionate, she is fully present and able to understand quickly the root cause of the issue. Few weeks after RTT I feel extremely more empowered with myself, more confident, strong and firm with my decisions with no hesitations. I feel more firm with others and I feel in power with myself. The recording she made is lovely and I listen this every day. Absolutely, I would definitely recommend RTT to anyone as you can feel a shift on what you meant to shift in that moment after the session." - Giada T

Impostor Syndrome & Lack of Confidence at Work:

"The RTT 28 day Process was comfortable and straightforward. And eye opening! I had no idea I was carrying such angry, fearful

emotions. I thought I had moved past them years ago yet recognised them so well when they came up. Total revelation!

My energy felt different straight away but it was a strange feeling. Like I was in a different unfamiliar body. Everything settled down and I started to enjoy the lighter, stronger more secure me by about week 2 or 3.

The best thing since the session has been the sense of freedom from tension and fear. I now feel more open and secure. I've also noticed the positive words from the recording finding their way into my feelings about myself! I have started to instinctively associate myself with positive words like "powerful!' The script for the recording was spot on and you seemed to really understand what I needed to hear. Thank you!" - Anon

Anxiety & Lack of Self-Esteem:

"I felt better almost immediately! The best thing since has been the ability to stay positive, active & engaged especially through the lockdown. The Zoom meetings we had worked well. The support was good and I really enjoyed the 21 days period listening to the recording provided. It provided me with a good 20 mins meditation, which was calming, reassuring and did make me feel very positive.

I would very much recommend RTT & Becca to others." - Marie

Lack of Confidence & Wanting to End a Stale Relationship:

" I felt quite nervous before the session because I didn't know what to expect. But Becca is the most caring person, with a nice smile on her face and calming voice. Becca made sure I was safe during the session. I felt like RTT was a really good choice for me. I achieved my main goal that I went to see Becca for a few days afterwards. I feel like I am more aware of myself and gained more confidence, enough to end a relationship that I had wanted to leave for years! I would strongly recommend recommend Becca!" - Aga M

Fear of Public Speaking:

"I met with Becca to work on my specific anxieties around public speaking. This is something that has haunted me for years and influenced my career and my well-being. The rapid transformation therapy had an amazing impact on me. Firstly, it allowed me to take some small, brave steps. Subsequently these led to bigger and ’scarier’ scenarios that would have been completely overwhelming for me in the past. Giving a speech in a large lecture hall after a period of listening to my recording, I was thrilled to notice that not only was I not anxious; I was actually enjoying myself! This would have been unthinkable without Becca’s input and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat." - Alex

Weight Loss:

"My sessions with Becca have been a great success. I felt I needed some additional support and tools to achieve some weight loss targets and Becca has more than provided that. I now feel much better mentally prepared to cope with challenges along the way and she has made a considerable contribution to me hitting my goals." - JP

Burnout & Lack of Motivation in Her Business:

"I’m a therapist and I got burnout.  It took me many months to "get out of the hole". I heard about Becca and Rapid Transformational Therapy and booked in a session. Becca took me to a time when I felt invisible and thought I didn’t matter.   I realised I always put other people first and do not take care of myself.

I was given a fantastic recording at the end of my session. Becca recommended I listen to it for 28 days and I have to say it worked wonders.  I feel confident about re-launching my practice and feeling inspired to share my talents but with one big change which is that I am as important as the people I help.  I’ve created healthy boundaries in my work and am looking forward to being successful again".-Tessa

Relationship Issues & Confidence:

"I found the experience very enlightening. While I thought I had a good grasp of my personal issues, it was only after the hypnosis session with Becca that I fully unlocked my understanding of why I felt/acted a certain way and how I could change my mindset.

Becca was very supportive throughout the whole experience. I am still listening to her recording two months in and I can definitely see a positive change in my behaviour. I also feel better on days when I've listened to the recording compared to days when I haven't." -Irina

Public Speaking & Confidence Speaking up in Meetings:

"I contacted Becca looking for an RTT Hypnotherapist for my confidence and public speaking issues, through our session she helped me realise where it was all coming from in my childhood experiences and how I didn’t have to believe what I thought then, I realised those childhood beliefs were causing me anxiety and unnecessary fear in my adult life. Listening to the recording Becca gave me daily helps reinforce positive new thought processes and gives me a meditative sense of peace and calm." - Jo

Procrastination in  Launching Her Business:

"Having RTT with Becca has made a difference! I have shifted old patterns I wasn’t even aware of and has given me a sense of freedom. I highly recommend Becca.. Thank you." - Victoria

Lack of Confidence & Unresolved Childhood Issues:

"I would say that as a result of your input I have been able to confront some longstanding issues, which has made me feel much more settled and less hurt.  This, in turn, has led to my feeling much more confident in work situations and at home.  I have certainly found your sensitive approach helpful and feel better equipped to deal with the challenges that both work and home life can throw up." - Liz

Fear of Driving on Motorways:

"I did it! I drove myself back from up north, 200 miles of M11, M1, M25, all by myself! I actually can't believe I've got rid of this 18 year old phobia of driving on motorways! I can't tell you what this feels like but I want to thank you so much for your brilliant support!" - Susan

Fears & Perfectionism Causing Inaction:

"I felt safe speaking about sensitive issues with you and never felt judged at all., I personally felt relieved that there were tools ( this programme) that could get to the crux of my issues, quickly, as I wanted a solution to end the blocks that I was experiencing, in as short a time as possible, RTT does this!
I would recommend RTT to others that may need it and would also recommend you as a therapist. I gained a sense of clarity from RTT and felt it was a great assistance/motivator on getting back on track." - KL

Public Speaking Phobia/ Wedding Speech:

"It worked! I wanted to let you know the speech went amazingly well!! It was kind of extraordinary and as you said in the hypnotherapy people would come up and congratulate me - and they did! I am still kind of amazed but i think it was down to the hypnotherapy you did with me. Thanks so much!" - SJ

Emotional Overeating & Anxiety:

"What I gained from working with you was increased calm and an increased ability to take my time, reflect, notice what I was feeling and stay with it while it unfolded. I felt able to let this happen without fear. It wasn't always nice but I knew, profoundly, that I would be okay.

My relationship with food has definitely changed; I seldom use it to subdue feelings. I notice the desire to do that, and find other ways to support myself: walk with a friend, cuddle with my kids or husband, warm bath with essential oils, a deep breathing exercise for at least 5 minutes. I want to thank you for your warmth, wisdom and empathy. I felt safe and heard." - Emma

Severe Anxiety:

"Working with Becca has had an incredible impact on my life. Having suffered from crippling anxiety since childhood I am now able to feel much stronger and calmer. Truly life changing! I cannot recommend working with Becca enough."- Joanna


"I contacted Becca a little while ago to seek some help with long some long standing issues which previous attempts to resolve through counselling and therapy hadn’t been fully successful. I was astonished to find that after one session, and some follow up at home, I found myself to feel instantly better, more in control, and in an infinitely happier place than before. Becca has a lovely, gentle manner about her and makes you feel very at ease when delving into uncomfortable areas, and I’d not hesitate to recommend her highly to anyone who would benefit from a session. Thank you Becca!"- MH

Unhealthy Eating Habits & Career Confidence:

"I came to Becca for support in changing my eating habits and my feelings towards my own success in my career,  just as I was going through a long process of re-evaluating how I was living my life. Becca did hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy and  I listened to her recordings on repeat when I went for long walks on the heath.  My eating habits have improved but still need work, but the  hypnosis and the recordings helped me in regards to career confidence immensely and quickly. I was at a point in my career where I wanted to feel more confident and ready for success and the recordings and treatment contributed a great deal to how well I handled my new and exciting career opportunities. I also read her book a number of times and it was very helpful, with advice, and suggestions, that supported many of the changes I have been implementing. I am very grateful to Becca and heartily recommend her." - SL

Public Speaking Fear:

"I was recommend The East Dulwich Therapy Rooms by a friend and looked up Becca on their website. I spoke to Becca over the phone to give her some background about aspects I wanted help with (largely developing confidence with public speaking). Over the phone, I felt reassured that Becca was someone I would feel comfortable having treatment with; she was professional, sympathetic and listened to all the background information I offered. After this, I filled out the questionnaire and had a further phone conversation so that by the time I had my RTT session, I felt that Becca knew me, my background and my goals well so we didn't need to spend any session time gathering more information or background. During the session, through a meditative state, we explored some memories and visualised letting these thoughts/memories go. Becca then used positive visualisation and reinforcement to help re-frame how I feel about public speaking. Since the session, I listened to the relaxation track every night for 3 weeks and now listen to it a couple of times a week. I have noticed a marked improvement as to how I feel with public speaking - no longer getting so uncomfortably nervous and not needing to take any medication to help anxiety symptoms. I would thoroughly recommend Becca and RTT!"- MO

Motivation & Confidence to Launch New Business:

"Becca is a great Hypnotherapist, she's very good at picking up on the important points to focus on and is very thorough in her approach. She is patient, professional, and takes her time to get as much information as possible to get to the root issues. Highly recommended." - GI.

Removing Limiting Beliefs:

"RTT with Becca has been the first hypnotherapy that has actually had a fundamental positive impact. I was able to recognise self-limiting beliefs and it changed my outlook totally. Her warm, approachable manner and insight made the process one that was a pleasure, as well as one that delivered results." - CR

Fear & Indecision, Feeling Stuck:

"I had an amazing RTT session with Becca . It was a relaxing and enlightening experience. I came away with an audio recording which along with the RTT session had a profound effect on some blocks I had in my life. I would highly recommend Becca." - Tara

Quitting Sugar & Alcohol Due to Health Reasons:

"Working with Becca has been really effective. She has been kind and supportive throughout and I have appreciated the care and attention to detail she has shown, making sure I am ok after treatments, responding to queries, and making a unique recording for my circumstances.  She has followed my ramblings about a range of issues around sugar and alcohol with no judgment only encouragement to meet my goals and find more peace and wellbeing.  Alongside being very professional and experienced she is really relational and has a calm, soothing voice which is perfect for hypnotherapy.  I am almost at the end of month one of being alcohol and sugar-free and am confident I can keep up with the changes I have made. I have my recording to return to should I need, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Becca to anyone, she’s fantastic."- Irene

Lack of Confidence & Money Blocks in New Business:

"I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Becca Teers, this lady is a fantastic Hypnotherapist. I had some underlying issues that needed sorting as I felt that they were holding me back, so I had a session with Becca this week and I must say I was in total awe, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect, not only did I feel a big shift deep within my subconscious, I also got rather emotional and had some massive realisations. The proof came afterwards and it seemed like the recording I received kicked in even though you can’t explain it with the normal conscious thinking mind. I’m positive these deep barriers I had have now disappeared, it’s amazing, I believe in Hypnosis and Becca has the most amazingly soothing calming voice, which really helps. I was impressed with her professionalism in conducting the RTT therapy. I would definitely recommend some sessions with her. Thank you so much."- Kim

Creating Healthy Boundaries & Confidence at Work:

"It was a real pleasure working with Becca. I achieved the results I came for and it's really a lasting effect, so very happy with the process. This means I of course recommend her. Becca is also warm, kind and very caring so I felt safe, supported and understood during our work. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and has been a true partner in helping me solve my issues. " - VS

Fear of Spiders:

"I contacted Becca when I realised I inadvertently talked myself into a trip into the Australian outback. I have a fear of spiders! Becca's quiet, relaxed and gentle approach to our hypnotherapy session immediately put me at ease. I then played the hypnotherapy tape many times before the trip. Thankfully I did not see any creepy crawlies on our trip. However, now back at home there are spiders of all sorts and shapes coming into our house and I am happy to be in their proximity and am I quite calm. Becca did an amazing job, thank you." - CS.

Anxiety & Lack of Confidence:

"After the RTT session with Becca I felt a significant shift in my energy, a level of calmness and acceptance and over the following weeks my anxiety has lessened.  Becca was supportive and offered a variety of helpful resources including the recording which I believe has had a positive impact on my self confidence and has now become a natural part of my evening bedtime routine.  I now feel calmer about the future and more able to try things and trust in the process." - KF

Stress & Lack of Confidence:

"I did a number of sessions with Becca, both hypnotherapy and NLP work. I was looking to be a more peaceful me, more comfortable in my own skin. Becca patiently and kindly worked with me to identify what I needed to work on. She gave me highly effective tools and techniques which have helped me to develop and grow and above all be much more peaceful in my own head. Becca has helped me see the world in a different way. She has made my time on this earth, happier between my ears. I would highly recommend Becca and her work to all - JS.

Visibility Fears in New Business:

"I had an RTT session with Becca today which was really useful in understanding why I was holding myself back. She was calm and patient and made me feel very safe. She has a lovely delivery style and I can't wait to hear her personalised recording for me which I know is going to strengthen my resolve to get out there and be more visible. Thank you so much Becca."😘 - Morag

Emotional Blocks & Childhood Unresolved Issues:

"I had not heard about RTT, rapid therapy treatment, until I spoke with Becca about my symptoms.  Very intuitively, she suggested RTT - even though she is highly skilled in several other forms of therapy.  During my 2 hours appointment, I learnt a good deal about my younger self and found the treatment incredibly healing.  Becca is so sensitive about what it is you are trying to overcome. She has a soft determination to clear what is blocking you. Afterwards I was sent an audio recording to play for 21 days.  I now look forward to hearing her taped voice guide me through, what I can only describe, my personal “meditation”. " - Susan

Self- Sabotage:

"If it's your first time with hypnotherapy, you are in for a treat. Becca's calming voice, professional manner eases you into a deep relaxing state.  I had some stubborn issues which I could not shift (even after many years of therapy). This caused me tremendous anguish and missed opportunities. Together we tackled my self sabotage with her soothing, recorded voice which I listened to regularly. And now I'm pleased to say I feel lighter, more integrated. It's so good to feel like a calmer more organised person. My session with Becca was absolutely invaluable." - Annaliza

Fear of Public Speaking Prior to a TEDx Talk:

"I contacted Becca when I was invited to do a TEDx talk. I have a paralysing fear of public speaking and there’s no way I could have even walked onto the stage without Becca’s help. We had three sessions and the difference it made was quite miraculous. I’m so grateful and I absolutely could not have done it without her. Thank you so much!"- Anna

Eating Disorder:

‘I’ve been really quite unwell for a long time and came to see Becca to try to regain some control over my health but also to get on top of a new diet my consultant had put me on. From the first moment she put me at ease and I’ve found her help and support to be invaluable. I’ve now seen Becca for several issues and each time I have been blown away by how much better and how much more in control she’s helped me to feel. We are now working on my disordered eating through RTT and it’s been revolutionary.
I cannot recommend Becca highly enough. Not only is she an excellent & highly professional practitioner but she really cares about her clients and their outcomes and that shines through in everything she does. 
I will never be able to thank her enough. It sounds really over the top but it is absolutely genuine - Becca has changed my life.’ - Sasha

Severe Anxiety & Insecurity in a Relationship:

"I worked with Becca on some anxiety I was experiencing & I am feeling much better these days. I am working more and managed to ask for more money every time I am hired for a  job. I think that the hypnotherapy and the meditation I do every day has helped a lot. I feel calmer and more optimistic. I haven't had a panic attack in weeks. I trust people more and allow people to love me more too without feeling like I am a bad person. So... a lot of improvement!! I would definitely recommend Becca as a therapist if you're suffering from anxiety like I was." - Raphael

Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia:

"I had a series of the three sessions with Becca to tackle anxiety. I went with an open mind and the hope she could help, but at the same time I was sceptical about how effective hypnotherapy would be, especially given that other treatments, such as CBT, hadn't really helped get to the root of my issues. How wrong I was. The time I spent with Becca proved to be extremely useful and by exploring my subconscious she was able to get to the nub of where my anxiety and stress comes from. Becca put me totally at ease and, with her guidance, I felt really safe and comfortable exploring things from my past that had triggered the anxiety. After the final session I felt lighter emotionally. Follow-up has been excellent too – Becca did me two sound recordings, one to tackle my poor sleeping patterns, which were related to my anxiety; the other going over the issues we'd discussed while I'd been hypnotised. Both of these have been a great help and I can return to them as and when I feel I need them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Becca Teers as an effective cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist."- M

Confidence at Work & Self Esteem:

"I recently saw Becca for 3 sessions of hypnotherapy to deal with some barriers I had around my work and belief in myself. Becca put me at ease right away and I was able to deeply relax during the sessions. Each session was very powerful and intense and revealed to me the reasons I had doubts about myself. Working in hypnosis with Becca we were able to break these down and rebuilt new and positive thoughts. Since the sessions I have also been listening to a recording that Becca made for me which I have found is reinforcing the positive work we did on the sessions. I am now able to get on with my goals feeling more positive and secure in myself. I definitely recommend Becca whatever your barriers are." - Louise

Weight Loss:

"I am really delighted with my recent course of weight-loss hypnotherapy sessions with Healthy Habits Hypnosis. Since the first session I have lost 15 lbs and several inches around my waist and hips! I shall definitely continue listening to my special recordings, exercising and drinking plenty of water, as instructed by my hypnotherapist Becca. It is really worth it - I’m still losing and am nearly at my target weight!”- Alexandra

"A serial dieter since my teens, I had always struggled with counting calories and bland diet regimes until Becca completely changed my approach to food and to weight loss. Despite being what I considered to be a healthy eater, I could never understand why I continued to gain weight rather than lose it. Becca's gastric-band hypnotherapy completely reprogrammed my sub-conscious so that I was able to self-limit my appetite and portion sizes, as well as completely stop grazing in between meals. Willpower was the key rather than changing my actual diet and because I could eat food that I liked and that suited my lifestyle, I was able to maintain it over a prolonged period of time. Becca also provided me with a recording that was specifically aimed at encouraging me to exercise daily to complement the reduction in portion sizes. The result was that after just 3 or 4 sessions I had very quickly lost 10 lbs which I have continued to maintain! Gastric-band hypnotherapy was a complete revelation and I would highly recommend Becca- dieting has never been such a pleasure!"- Miranda

"Having suddenly put on weight over a relatively short period of time, I felt very vulnerable and needed a rudder on my eating habits when I had the opportunity to work with Becca. She held me in this and explained very clearly what it means to lose weight through the Gastric Band method but via hypnotherapy. For me this was a fantastic genius way to find myself again. The thought of putting my body through surgery to achieve the same thing, felt totally unnecessary. So I was very excited about trying it out.   Becca was fantastic, she was very supportive and professional of me in my process and I began to lose weight. What I really like about the Gastric Band hypno' is that it does not involve dieting or eating especially different foods. The emphasis is more on lifestyle changes which I experienced as eating for joy and changing my relationship to food. Thank you Becca."
- Terri George - Energy Healer & Teacher

"I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy course. It was very relaxing and Becca put me at my ease. I found the effect was mainly in being more mindful of what I eat and taking my time to realise that I had eaten enough. I would thoroughly recommend the Virtual Gastric Band Program."
- Angela

Motivation to Exercise:

“Until I tried the Healthy Habits Program exercise had been sporadic in my life and I’d never stuck to anything for more than a few weeks. I’ve now developed a love for running, which I never thought possible. I can’t believe how much I enjoy putting on my trainers and heading out. I actually look forward to it and feel amazing during and after! I’ve lost inches from everywhere and in my forties I feel and look better than I did in my twenties!!
- Maggie

Fear of Flying:

"My daughter, Elliona, had been petrified of flying for 5 years, making our trips back to the UK from where we now live in France very difficult. After just one session with hypnotherapist, Becca Teers and a recording that Elliona subsequently listened to every night for 2 months, her fear disappeared. We are now thrilled that she can now get happily and comfortably on the plane with no fear at all.

We could not be happier with the successful, rapid and positive change that our daughter has experienced, with only one session and the audio recording."
- Lisa Le Mentec


‘I’d been suffering on and off from insomnia for several years prior to last year when it became unbearable. My stress levels were sky-high because of work overload and at the point that I sought help from hypnotherapy I’d not slept for more than a couple of hours per night for a fortnight. My personal and professional life was suffering and I was really at my wit’s end. I read about some success stories where a couple of cases of insomnia were cured by hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try. After three sessions I am now sleeping soundly every night so far! I can’t believe it – such a relaxing therapy is so powerful!
- Catrina

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