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Many elderly people are afraid of falling. Some may have actually had a fall in the past and some may have not, but the fear of falling can be really debilitating. It can limit the person's independence and quality of life. If you are afraid of falling or know someone who is, this recording will help to increase confidence whilst walking, standing or generally being.


This download helps to create new neural pathways in the brain with regards to feeling more steady and confident generally and whilst moving about. For best results listen to it using headphones at least once per day and for a month or until you feel more confident about walking, standing and getting around. Then continue to listen a couple of times per week to maintain and strengthen the effects. Find a time and place when and where you won't be disturbed for 30 mins or so and sit or lie down somewhere comfy.

Don't worry if your drift off to sleep, the unconscious mind can still absorb the positive suggestions in this recording even if you're asleep.


Please do not listen to this audio whilst operating machinery, driving or riding a bike.

From Fear of Falling to Confidence Hypnosis Download

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