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Do you have a 'sugar fix' problem?

Many of us are addicted to sugar and we actually get cravings and withdrawals, similar to drug addiction!!

Sugar is something we consume every day. It's in our coffee, in our tomato sauce and in that chocolate bar we treat ourselves to. It can be easy to overload on sugar, sometimes without being aware of the negative effects excessive sugar is having on our bodies and minds. At the most worrying end of the scale, obesity and Type 2 diabetes rank among our nation’s greatest health problems, and they largely result from what many call an “addiction” to sugar.

Sugar fuels every cell in the brain and influences brain chemicals, too. Overloading on sugary foods may alter the brain receptors that regulate how much we eat. In laboratory studies, rats that binged on sugar had brain changes that mimicked those of drug withdrawal. In humans, just seeing pictures of milkshakes triggered brain activity similar to that seen in drug addicts.

Researchers think a pattern of withholding and bingeing (not sugar

itself), may lead to addictive-like behaviour and even brain changes. Sugar influences the same "feel-good" brain chemicals - including serotonin and dopamine - as illicit drugs. When these chemicals are released into the bloodstream they last for a short time and when they are depleted this causes a mini-withdrawal, which can cause you to crave more sugar. The more sugar you consume the more your body adapts, so similarly to drug addiction, you need more and more sugar to get the same 'high'.

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The effects of sugar on the brain..

How can we help?

The Sugar Reduction Programme consists of three hour long live face to face sessions and a support audio recording. The programme will help to change the neural pathways in the brain that associate with sugar.

It will help you to;

  • Bring your food choices to conscious awareness.

  • Help you with tools to control what you eat, which will be sustainable and help you longterm.

  • Help you to resist reaching for sugary snacks.

  • Help your body and mind to feel better and more balanced, as your metabolism works as it is designed to.


Signs of sugar addiction..

  • Consuming certain foods even if you are not hungry because of cravings.

  • Worrying about cutting down on certain foods.

  • Feeling sluggish or fatigued from overeating.

  • Having health or social problems because of food issues and yet you keep eating the way you do despite negative consequences.

  • You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any pleasure or reduce negative emotions.

  • Mood swings.

  • Whether you call it an addiction, an eating disorder or simply a bad habit, there are signs of an unhealthy use of sugary foods. People may lose control and eat more than they planned. They may have withdrawal symptoms when they skip their regular sugar "fix”. Low blood sugar symptoms may include anxiety, shakiness, jitteriness or even a cold sweat.

How to get started?

Healthy Habits Hypnosis can help you to make profound and lasting changes in your life. Call, email me or simply fill in the enquiry form on the contacts page and I'll be in touch to arrange a complimentary phone consultation. During this no obligation consultation we can have a chat about your goals and I will explain the process to you. We can then decide together whether the treatment is right for you at this particular time in your life.

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