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Hello Lovely!

I'm Becca and I love supporting people on their very own healing journeys! I feel super-passionate about empowering other women to truly know their worth and believe the truth that you deserve to have a wonderful, loving relationship with yourself (it all starts with us!!) and then everything becomes so much easier to find the same with a partner!

I have this for myself now, but it wasn't always easy for me! Read up on my journey below! Because I went through the tough times, I love to help others and I feel blessed to be able to do so!

Why choose me to help you?


Life was a struggle at times for me!

If I hadn’t suffered for years with not feeling enough, I wouldn’t have been on a quest to help myself feel better. I found effective ways to change my limiting beliefs and to know that I’m worthy, that I’m enough and loveable just as I am.


Now I help others to feel and know the same.

If I hadn’t gone through toxic relationships trying to find love to feel complete, I wouldn’t have worked on myself to know that I am whole and happy as I am and that I deserve better!

Now I empower others to feel complete just as they are, so that they can know their worth, hold healthy boundaries and attract mutually respectful relationships.

If I hadn't made the same mistakes again and again and sabotaged past relationships, I wouldn't have learnt how to recognise my own unhealthy patterns and been able to not 'go there' in my relationship today.

Now I can help others become aware of their own patterns and this awareness allows them to change how they feel and act in relationships.

If I hadn’t gone through a painful break-up and divorce in my early 30’s I wouldn’t have learnt to be resilient and to deal with rejection & loss.


Rejection is not a reflection on you. It happens, it’s life. Now I help others to overcome fear of rejection and that means they can truly be open to love.

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No matter what you’ve been through in the past, you deserve and can have a beautiful relationship. Once we do the inner ‘work’ our outer world changes.

I help women know they are enough, loveable and deserve love and happiness. I help them to feel confident and clear on what they want in a relationship.

I support and empower women to feel really good in and about themselves with the perfect mindset and energy to attract more good things to them, including their lovely future partner!

How would it feel to have strong boundaries but an open heart and an inner knowing that a gorgeous relationship is on its way to you? Wouldn’t the whole dating process be more fun?

I would love to help you, if this all resonates with you! Click the link and book a call for us to chat further!

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