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Confidence & Self- Esteem

Confidence is a state of mind. Many of us will feel self-assured in certain parts of our lives but would like more confidence in other areas.

Lack of confidence can negatively affect all areas of life. It can limit you in your career, socially and personally.  But you can change this- it is possible to transfer feelings of assurance and confidence from one area of your life to another.

Where does a lack of confidence come from?

Limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves often become strengthened by our experiences in life, which ‘prove’ the belief we have about ourselves. The way we think becomes our reality. For example you may have a limiting belief that you can’t speak in front of groups of people. Therefore, when you have to give a talk you become very nervous and don’t fully focus on what you want to say. This results in you forgetting one of your important points and this then proves to you that you are no good at public speaking.


Another example; you may have heard a teacher or parent say that you weren’t very good at maths. Because of this you switch off during lessons as you feel it’s going to be too difficult and ‘if you’re not good at the subject anyway’ you don’t see the point in making the effort. The result is you don’t do well in your test as you didn’t pay attention or try hard. You’ve proved the limiting belief you heard about yourself to be right. To read more about how limiting beliefs form in the first place                            to read my blog.

How many sessions are needed?

This depends on each individual and their unique circumstances but anywhere from 3 and 6 sessions will normally help you to make lasting positive change to your mindset.

How to get started?

Healthy Habits Hypnosis can help you to make profound and lasting changes in your life. Call, email us or simply fill in the enquiry form on the contacts page and we will be in touch to arrange a complimentary phone consultation. During this no obligation consultation we can have a chat about your goals and I will explain the process to you. We can then decide together whether the treatment is right for you at this particular time in your life.

How do we treat and transform feelings of low confidence into new positive beliefs about ourselves?

We will use advanced hypnotherapy techniques, NLP, visualisations and affirmation tools plus other effective mind management techniques to assist you to change the way you feel and think about yourself to the positive!

First of all we will identify and challenge the limiting belief/s and do some inner healing work around why and when this belief started. You will then be free to create new self-affirming positive beliefs and thought patterns. These new alternative ways of thinking will in turn affect your behaviours and actions meaning your results and experiences will change too! A lack of self-esteem can accompany low confidence and again comes from a limiting belief about yourself and your self-worth. This can run a little deeper than lack of confidence but we treat it in the same way. We will pin point the limiting belief that this stems from, challenge and heal this and create new positive thought patterns to re-program the subconscious mind.


Repetition of mind management techniques such as visualisations and affirmations (which you will be shown and taught in sessions) will ‘crowd out’ old unwanted belief patterns, with your new positive alternative beliefs.


Quite simply- your thoughts/beliefs affect your behaviours and actions, which give you your results. Ultimately, when you change your thoughts, you change the results in your life.

You will be given a personalized 30 minute audio recording which is an important part of our work together. Listening to this daily will use the latest in mind management techniques to create new neural pathways in your brain relating to your new positive thought patterns and will reinforce the live sessions you attend.


You will also be taught simple and effective mind management tools and techniques to use in your every day life to support you and enhance the hypnotherapy effects.

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