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What is Regression Therapy?

Whatever your beliefs about past lives and reincarnation  regression techniques have been used for many years by therapists to heal past wounds or pain in clients' lives helping them to move forward in their current lives.

The word regression simply means a journey back in time. The subconscious mind stores all of our memories, thoughts and beliefs, this can be from the current life or past lifetimes. By using hypnosis regression techniques we can re-visit a time in your past  (maybe a past life or in this current lifetime) by directly accessing the subconscious mind. This time may involve an event or experience that has caused an issue or repetitive negative belief pattern. These issues often hold people back from fully enjoying life as they are re-played time and time again via the subconscious mind, without us really understanding why!


During Regression Therapy we can heal and release these issues or blockages, understanding where they came from and why they started. We can then replace them with more helpful and positive alternatives. Fear is a common emotion that often limits us and Regression Therapy works really well to release fear, enabling us to be free and feel empowered to move forward.


Age Regression is returning to a certain point in your current lifetime, where perhaps something negative or traumatic happened and you continue to play the situation or the feelings out again and again. This root of this issue can be identified and then released allowing you to heal.


Past Life Regression is a journey back in time to a previous incarnation or past life that you have lived. It is a very powerful form of healing which can profoundly affect a person’s life in a positive way.

Why Choose Age or Past Life Regression & What Can It Help With?


There are two main reasons for choosing Age or Past Life Regression;

You may just be curious to discover who you were in a previous life or may have a certain affinity or fascination with a certain era or time and wonder whether this is because you once lived in this time.

Or you may have an issue or emotional blockage that repeats itself in your life, this may have started at a point in your childhood in this life or may go back further than that to a past lifetime. Regression Therapy will help resolve and release it so that you can experience powerful healing.

Fear, phobias, low self- esteem and/or lack of confidence are areas that are often successfully released with regression.




*Please note that occasionally Regression will not work, this can be due to unconscious fears that you may not be aware of or the time not being right for the memories to be shown. I will discuss this with you during your consultation, but I will make every effort to assist the success of your session. Please note that the fee is still payable in full regardless of the outcome.

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