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When the body is relaxed and balanced the immune system is perfectly designed to fight disease and keep the body healthy. Give the body the right conditions and it can repair and heal itself. This hypnosis recording will help to create new neural pathways in the brain and strengthen the unconscious belief that your body can heal itself and be balanced and in perfect health.


Find a place and time where and when you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes or so and somewhere comfy to sit or lie down. Listen to this recording using headphones if possible and daily for at least 28 days or until you notice a change in how you feel. Then continue to listen a couple of times per week to maintain and strengthen the effects. Don't worry if you drift off to sleep, the unconscious mind can still absorb the positive suggestions in this recording even if you're asleep.


Please do not listen to this audio whilst operating machinery, driving or riding a bike or doing anything that requires conscious concentration.

Healthy Body Healing Hypnosis Download

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