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This collection of hypnosis MP3's will support you to find a healthy love relationship with a partner.


This bundle includes four audios:


  1. Healthy Relationship Hypnosis
  2. Dating Confidence and Becoming Rejection Proof Hypnosis
  3. Believe and Trust Your Perfect Relationship is Coming Hypnosis
  4. Confident Communicating Needs, Boundaries and Feelings Hypnosis


The four recordings are designed with specific and powerful suggestions to rewire your subconscious to:


* Fully love and value yourself

* Expect the same love and respect from a partner

* Stop being attracted to people who don't treat you well

* Open your awareness to healthy potential partners

* Enjoy dating and feel confident meeting new people

* Feel happy now as a single person (which is a win/win, as you'll be more content now and that's a really attractive energy too!)

* Trust that your ideal relationship is on it's way

* Develop healthy boundaries and standards with others

* Feel confident and calm when communicating your needs

* Feel at ease and able to be fully yourself with a partner

* Help you attract and flourish in a loving relationship


A Suggested 8 Week Plan for Daily Listening:


Week 1-2:  Healthy Relationship Hypnosis

Week 3-4: Dating Confidence and Becoming Rejection Proof

Week 5-6: Believe and Trust Your Perfect Relationship is Coming

Week 7-8: Confident Communicating Needs, Boundaries and Feelings


After 8 weeks, you can alternate recordings daily or weekly and choose the ones that are applicable to support your dating & love life at the time!


You can also repeat the above 8 week plan 2-3 times per year to really cement the change in your mind and to help you find and thrive in life and love.


How to use the audios:


For best results listen to them using headphones at least once per day and in the order suggested above.


Find a time and place when and where you won't be disturbed for 30 mins or so and sit or lie down somewhere comfy. Don't worry if you drift off to sleep, the unconscious mind can still absorb the positive suggestions in these recordings even if you're asleep.


Please do not listen to the audios whilst operating machinery, driving or riding a bike or doing anything that requires conscious concentration.

Healthy Love Relationships Bundle (4 MP3's in 1!)

£75.00 Regular Price
£49.95Sale Price
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