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If you've been attracting unhealthy or toxic relationships or you've been single for a while and would like to be in a relationship, this audio is for you.


It works to rewire your subconscious mind to recognize the truth that you are completely loveable, exactly the way you are and that you deserve and will only will be attracted to healthy love. 


Here's what a recent listener said:


"I can't believe it. I've been in a situationship with a guy who has not been treating me right, I kept going back until I started with this track! After 2 weeks of listening I just lost interest in this person and stopped seeing him. I really feel free of this old pattern and I'm starting to notice that my 'type' is changing too. I have no intention of going back to a 'bread crumbs' relationship. I deserve someone who will treat me right. Thanks for changing my mind in the best possible way." - Shana


How to use this audio:


For best results listen to it using headphones at least once per day and for a month or until you feel more confident about attracting a healthy relationship into your life. Then continue to listen a couple of times per week to maintain and strengthen the effects.


Find a time and place when and where you won't be disturbed for 30 mins or so and sit or lie down somewhere comfy. Don't worry if you drift off to sleep, the unconscious mind can still absorb the positive suggestions in this recording even if you're asleep.


Please do not listen to this audio whilst operating machinery, driving or riding a bike or doing anything that requires conscious concentration.


You can use this in conjunction with the other Finding Healthy Love Audios:


*Dating Confidence & Becoming Rejection Proof Hypnosis

*Believe & Trust What You Want is Coming: Attracting Your Perfect Relationship

*Confident Communicating of Needs, Boundaries & Feelings


Buy all four audios together for a reduced rate in the Healthy Love Relationship Bundle here!

Healthy Relationship Hypnosis

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