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I Learnt to Love Being Single, But it Wasn't Always Easy!

When I think back to being single I remember fully enjoying my life. I was happy and busy with all sorts of stuff. But I did have to learn how to enjoy that phase of my life.

In my 20’s I went from one relationship to another with hardly a moment to breathe and learn from anything! Then when I was 32 my long-term relationship broke up. It was an incredibly difficult time for me and I was truly and devastatingly heartbroken!

But after some time and moving through the grief of a really difficult break-up and subsequent divorce, I did learn to be happy as a single person.

It’s interesting that after a long period of emotional grief and healing and also of really feeling the lack of a relationship, I learnt to accept and appreciate my single life. And when I was loving life that’s when a wonderful relationship came in.

A Single Person Loving Life is Very Attractive!

When you’re happy being single and you know that you are enough and whole as you are, that’s when you tend to attract a healthy, happy partner to you. It seems counterproductive but when you’re really thriving and you’re living your life to the full as a single person, that’s when you attract the good things to you and this includes potential and compatible partners!

Whilst I love my partner and cherish our relationship now, I look back on my single life with a real fondness! I truly believe that we should re-frame being single as an amazing opportunity for self-discovery, personal growth, and learning to be truly happy inside!

However, it's not always easy to feel content when you're solo in a world that often glorifies romantic relationships.

In this blog, I wanted to tackle why it may not always be easy to feel happy as a single person and also the importance of embracing and enjoying your single life, along with ten practical tips to help you find true joy and fulfilment on your journey to love.

Why It Can Be Difficult to Be Happy Single:

Being single can be tough because of societal expectations that make people feel like they should be in romantic relationships. When you're not in one, you might feel inadequate or like something is wrong, because of this social pressure. Loneliness is also a challenge, especially if you don't have many friends or family for support. When you see happy couples on social media or in your social circle, it can make you feel like you’re missing out because you're comparing your life to theirs. Additionally, your own or your family's expectations can push you into a relationship, even if it's not the right time or the right person. These difficulties show that being single in a world that values romantic relationships can be complicated.

Why Embracing Your Single Life Is Important: Some great aspects about single life:

Being single is a great time to learn more about yourself. You can explore what you like and what's important to you without having to compromise with someone else. You have the freedom to make choices that make you happy and be in charge of your own life. It's also a chance for personal growth, where you can work on improving yourself and healing from past experiences. This can help you have better and happier relationships in the future because you'll be comfortable on your own and won't feel like you need someone to complete you. It's about wanting a relationship, not feeling like you have to be in one to be whole.

10 Tips to Embrace and Enjoy Your Single Life:

1. Cultivate Self-Love: Practice self-compassion and self-acceptance. Treat yourself with kindness and respect.

2. Set Goals: This is a great time to create personal and professional goals to give your life real purpose and direction.

3. Strengthen Friendships: Invest time in nurturing your friendships and building a strong support network.

4. Pursue Passions: Explore your interests and hobbies. Pursuing your passions and what lights you up, can be incredibly fulfilling.

5. Travel and Explore: Take advantage of your freedom to explore new places, cultures and experiences.

6. Mindfulness and Meditation: Practice mindfulness to stay present and focused on your own journey.

7. Learn from Past Relationships: Reflect on past relationships to gain insight into what you truly want in a partner. Look at past patterns and get really clear on what you don’t want this can lead you towards what you do want.

8. Socialize and Meet New People: Join clubs, take classes, and attend events to meet like-minded people OR people who are different to you, which allows you to learn and broadens your horizons.

9. Help Others: Volunteering and helping others can be a fulfilling way to find purpose and joy.

10. Stay Open to Love: While enjoying single life is important, stay open to the idea of love. Embrace the now with an anticipation about the exciting future that is coming your way!.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to know that being single doesn't mean you have to put your happiness on hold. It's a unique phase of your life where you have the freedom and opportunity to grow, learn, and discover what makes you truly happy.

When you embrace this time with an open heart, and you'll be better equipped to welcome love when it comes your way. And you’ll enjoy your life NOW (which is what it’s all about!)

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