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Relationships aren't always easy!

Relationships can be joyful and loving, but at the same time they can push our buttons and make us feel upset or angry at times. Figuring out why you get upset in a relationship is really important for personal growth, healing and for fixing problems within the relationship.

This is where knowing your triggers comes in. In this blog, we'll talk about why knowing your triggers in a relationship can help you grow personally and make relationships and life in general easier.


Understanding yourself is the first step to becoming a better partner in a relationship and also feeling more compassion with yourself and others.. When you know your triggers, it's like knowing why you feel the way you do. It's like turning on a light in your mind and seeing why certain things bother you.

Stop Unnecessary Fights

When you know your triggers, you can stop fights and problems that don't need to happen. If you tell your partner what upsets you, they can be more careful. This makes your relationship much more harmonious.

Take Control of Your Feelings

Knowing your triggers means you can control your feelings better. Instead of blaming your partner for how you feel, you can say, "I get upset because of this," and then you can both understand why you feel that way.

Reacting Better

Sometimes, when things upset us, we react quickly without thinking. But if you know your triggers, you can stop and think before you react. This makes your relationship healthier.

Healing Old Hurts

Some triggers come from old problems or bad things that happened in the past. When you know your triggers, you can work on healing those old ‘wounds’. This helps you feel better and makes your relationship stronger.

Make Your Relationship Stronger

Knowing your triggers doesn't just help you—it helps your relationship too. When both you and your partner know what upsets each other, you can work together to make things more balanced and kind. You become a team, and that makes your relationship safer and closer.

In a relationship, knowing your triggers is like having a map to find your way. It helps you control your feelings, communicate clearly with your partner, and become a better person. When you understand why you get upset, you can make your relationship a place where you both grow and become happier. So, start learning about your triggers, and watch your relationship become a source of love, support, and personal growth.

Here are three tips for dealing with triggers once you know them:

Practice Self-Awareness and Mindfulness:

  • Pay close attention to your feelings and reactions when you have an emotional response. Take a moment to pause and identify what is causing your feelings.

  • Use mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, to stay present in the moment and prevent yourself from reacting impulsively.

Communication is Key:

  • Talk openly with your partner about your triggers. Share what you've learned about yourself and why certain things upset you.

  • Encourage your partner to do the same, so you both understand each other's triggers and can work together to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Develop Coping Strategies:

  • Once you've identified your triggers, work on strategies to cope with them in healthier ways. For example, if criticism triggers you, practice self-compassion and remind yourself of your worth.

  • You may want to consider seeking professional help or therapy to learn more effective coping mechanisms and to address any deeper emotional wounds associated with your triggers.

Remember that dealing with triggers is an ongoing process. It takes time and effort to change your reactions and behaviors. Be patient with yourself and your partner as you work together to create this loving balance within your relationship.

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