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What Are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are limiting beliefs or attitudes that we have to do with money, wealth and success. I've found in my work as a hypnotherapist, that these blocks are often subconscious and that means that whilst we are definitely being affected by them, we are often not fully aware of just how, or what to do about it!

Many people feel that they aren’t achieving their full potential. What can be really frustrating is when we know that we are holding ourselves back and getting in our own way. We consciously want & desire success, but often we have deep-rooted beliefs at an unconscious level, that cause us to feel blocked from moving forward.

These beliefs can cause fears that hold us back from really ‘going for it’ and shining in our career and life. They can include a fear of failure or a fear of success and what others will think and feel if we achieve great things.

Deep down there can also be feelings that we’re not worthy or deserving of a successful, happy life and these limiting beliefs can stop us before we even begin! Negative beliefs directly about money and wealth can also cause us to unconsciously sabotage our own success.

How Do These Limiting Beliefs Form?

Limiting beliefs are normally created in our subconscious minds when we’re very young. We pick up and absorb information from our environment, our parents and other people around us, when our subconscious minds are wide open. We then make decisions and form beliefs, but without the benefit of our conscious, rational, logical minds. These beliefs can be negative and positive, but it's the negative ones that become limiting.

The analytical conscious mind, which filters and rationalizes information, begins to develop later in a child’s life (between the ages of 5-8 years of age), but up until this time, the subconscious is literally like a sponge, soaking up all information it comes into contact with.

This is why what you say to a young child is so important. Support, love and encouragement can literally shape a child’s self worth and character at such an early age, because everything the child sees, hears, feels and experiences, is stored in the subconscious. Much of this mental content or ‘programming’ will remain and can influence our decisions and actions throughout our life.

So How Do We End Up With Negative Beliefs About Money?

If you experience issues with money, either not earning enough money, not keeping hold of it once you’ve got it, or having an underlying worry about never having enough or losing what you do have, ask yourself what beliefs you picked up as a child.

You could be running the same patterns you learnt early in life. Do you remember hearing any of the following statements being said about money?

“Wealthy people are selfish and greedy.”

"It's wrong/greedy to want more than just enough."

"If you earn more than x they may be jealous."

“It’s superficial to want money.”

“Rich people are always alone and unhappy.”

“If you have money others will just take it, so what’s the point of making it.”

“If you earn good money most of it goes on taxes anyway.”

“Don’t ask me for money, do you think it grows on trees?”

“Money is the root of all evil!”

"Wealthy people are not intelligent."

Or maybe you observed your parents or others around you when you were little and decided that you have to struggle to make money or there’s never enough or you have to work so hard even to just to pay the bills.

There may also be some beliefs about self-worth and money. Do you ever catch yourself thinking that you're not experienced/confident/good enough to ask for more money, a promotion or to really promote your services in business?

Or you might say: "I'm really bad with money." or "I hate looking at my bank statements and I avoid managing my money."

Does any of this resonate with you?

Self-Sabotage May be Happening Without Us Even Being Fully Aware of it!

All of these limiting beliefs can cause us to sabotage our success or earning ability, because our thoughts and beliefs affect the way we feel and the way we feel leads to our behaviours (our actions or sometimes inactions).

Because what we do or don't do out in the world informs our results in life, it's true to say that our thoughts affect our results - the outcome.

This is a powerful thing because when we change our beliefs, we change our thoughts. When we change our thoughts we change our actions and behaviours. By changing our actions we change the results we get in our lives!

The Good News: You Can Change Your Beliefs!

In hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) we communicate directly with the subconscious mind and we can identify a block that is holding us back and find out when and why it started. This understanding is incredibly liberating and healing, because we realize that the belief is no longer valid, and it was most probably someone else’s belief anyway and not ours to begin with!! This knowledge allows us to LET GO of the belief and we are free to choose a positive alternative that supports us.  

Here's what a couple of clients said about their RTT experience and the effects it's had on their lives:

Lack of Confidence & Money Blocks in New Business:

"I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Becca Teers, this lady is a fantastic Hypnotherapist. I had some underlying issues that needed sorting as I felt that they were holding me back, so I had a session with Becca this week and I must say I was in total awe, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect, not only did I feel a big shift deep within my subconscious, I also got rather emotional and had some massive realisations. The proof came afterwards and it seemed like the recording I received kicked in even though you can’t explain it with the normal conscious thinking mind. I’m positive these deep barriers I had have now disappeared, it’s amazing, I believe in Hypnosis and Becca has the most amazingly soothing calming voice, which really helps. I was impressed with her professionalism in conducting the RTT therapy. I would definitely recommend some sessions with her. Thank you so much." - Kim

Money Blocks & Anxiety Around Dealing with Finances in Business:

"The RTT was so powerful, the experience itself was incredibly intense, hard work but in the best possible way. Becca made me feel very safe. I first noticed a change the next day although its been cumulative. The week after I noticed that I was dealing with issues that I would usually find very stressful but I wasn't finding them stressful! A huge change! It's like a major issue in my life that affected my everyday has dissolved. It's not just improved, its no longer there. I am amazed. It's hugely reduced my stress!" - L.S.

So to sum up, many of us have limiting beliefs about money, but when we become aware of the pattern and where it comes from, the root of it, we can absolutely heal it and make massive shifts in our lives!

I've seen it happen many times now. I love guiding my clients on this journey too!

If any of this resonates with you and you want to chat to me further about removing your own money or success blocks book a discovery call here!

Read more about RTT here!


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