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Are you ready to become a non-smoker?

The very good reasons to stop smoking;

We all know smoking is bad for you, but how exactly does quitting make your life better? When you quit this habit for good you will see the following benefits in your life;

Longer & Healthier Life

Smoking related diseases including heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema cause premature death in nearly half of all long term smokers!

One third of all cancer deaths are caused by smoking, including lung, mouth, lip, throat, bladder, kidney, stomach, liver & cervical cancer.

Men giving up smoking by the age of 30 will add 10 years to their life. Even people who stop at age 60 will add a further 3 years to their life.

Preserving your beauty

Stopping smoking has been shown to slow the signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A non-smoker’s skin is fed by more nutrients and oxygen than a smoker’s and this can reverse the sallow, lined facial skin that a smoker often has.

You’ll also have fresher breath, whiter teeth and less chance of gum disease and premature tooth loss than a smoker.

Better Breathing

Lung capacity improves by up to 10% within nine months of quitting and therefore you will breath more easily and cough less. Before the age of 30 the effects of smoking on your lungs may not be noticeable until you do some cardio exercise but as you get older the lung capacity diminishes. Giving up smoking means that you will be more likely to have a healthy, active lifestyle, rather than wheezing and feeling short of breath, even when just taking moderate exercise like climbing the stairs or walking.

Better Sex and Improved Fertility​

Non-smokers find it easier to get pregnant. Stopping smoking improves the lining of the womb and can increase the potency of a man’s sperm. It also increases the chances of a healthy baby and reduces the chance of miscarriage.

Non-smokers have better circulation and improved blood-flow, which in turn increases sensitivity levels. Men who stop may get better erections whilst women may find they get aroused more easily and their orgasms could improve as well!

Less Stress

It’s a fact that smoking actually makes you more stressed, rather than the popular, but false belief that it calms you down. Scientific studies show that stress levels are lower in people who have stopped smoking. The addiction to nicotine causes smokers the stress of the ‘withdrawal’ and craving between cigarettes. This bad feeling is only temporarily satisfied by the cigarette, then the craving will begin again. When you stop this constant cycle you will no longer have the cravings and will feel more balanced mentally and physically. The improved levels of oxygen in the body will lead to increased well-being, health and happiness.

More Energy, Improved Smell and Taste

Cigarettes contain hundreds of toxic chemicals, these dull the senses of the body, especially your senses of smell and taste. When you stop smoking you will begin to be able to fully taste and smell properly again. Within 2-12 weeks of stopping smoking your circulation will improve making exercise easier & energy levels better! The increase of oxygen in the body boosts the immune system helping you to fight off colds/flu and also makes ex-smokers less tired and less prone to headaches.

Healthier & Happier Loved Ones​

By stopping smoking you will be protecting the health of the people around you from the effects of passive smoking. Children who live with smokers have three times more risk of getting lung cancer in later life than children who live with non-smokers. Your loved ones will also have more peace of mind that you are going to be around for longer and live a healthier life once you’ve kicked the habit for good!

Financial Gain

​How much will you save as a non-smoker?

From 10 per day From 20 per day

  • Per week £36 £72

  • Per month £144 £288

  • Per 6 months £864 £1728

  • Per year £1728 £3456

  • Over 5 years £8640 £17,280

  • Over 10 years £17,280 £34,560

  • Over 20 years £34,560 £69,120

Savings based on current RRP of 20 Marlborough Lights at £10

The Quitting Timeline

According to the NHS when you become a non-smoker;

  • After 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal.

  • After 24 hours your lungs start to clear.

  • After 2 days your body is nicotine-free and your sense of smell and taste improve.

  • After 3 days you can breath more easily and your energy increases.

  • After 2-12 weeks your circulation improves.

  • After 1 year your heart attack risk is ½ that of a smoker.

  • After 10 years your lung cancer risk is ½ that of a smoker.

Hypnosis is the most successful way to quit!

Smoking is a habit. If you’ve tried to stop before with various methods (will power, patches, books or the latest gadget- the electric cigarette) and haven’t been successful it’s more than likely because these methods treat the symptom (nicotine addiction), not the habit. Habits are formed and then stored in the subconscious mind, during hypnotherapy we can bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious. In this way we treat the cause and get to the root of the habit, which allows us to change it for good! The technique I use is powerful, you will not want to smoke afterwards and there are also no unwanted side effects, such as cravings, mood swings or weight gain.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy is the most effective method of stopping smoking (New Scientist, 1992), much more effective than any other method.