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Hypnotherapy & RTT Online Sessions

How can you work with me during the Corona Virus?

Choose an online session!

For the past two years I have done approximately half of my client’s sessions online and the other half face to face in-person.

Being able to offer online sessions means I can work with clients from further a field in the UK and also internationally and make a difference to more people. Working remotely also means that I can help clients who are less able to get out and about. Many people prefer to relax in the comfort of their own home, whilst experiencing a hypnotherapy session to change a particular issue or challenge in their life. With social distancing being vital at the moment to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, being able to do online sessions is extremely useful.

How do online sessions work?

Hypnotherapy & Rapid Transformational Therapy remote sessions work in exactly the same way that in-person sessions work. I mainly use a system called Zoom as the connection tends to be really stable and reliable. Initially I will send my client a link to easily download Zoom onto their computer (this is free) and then another link to click at the time of our session. Once they have downloaded Zoom, the second link will easily connect my client and myself so that we can see and hear each other in what I like to call the ‘Zoom Room’. I have also done sessions on Skype & Facetime, which work well too.

The first part of any hypnotherapy or RTT session is the consultation and involves an explanation of the techniques and what will happen in the session, discussing what the client wants to focus on and answering any questions the client may have.

The second part of the session is the hypnosis or actual therapy, whereby the client relaxes with eyes closed and listens to my voice. This involves talking my client into a peaceful & pleasant state whereby the conscious part of the mind relaxes. In hypnosis we access the subconscious part of the mind to understand and help the client to let go of the root of their challenge or issue. People are totally aware at all times and can come out of this relaxed state at any time.

A hypnotic state of mind is really just a state of inner focus, a state of mind that we go into many times a day, without really being aware of it. I describe this relaxed state as similar to when you’re engrossed in a book or film or if you’re taking a very familiar route to work and you go into ‘autopilot’ and arrive without really noticing how you got there.

It’s a very safe, natural relaxed state where the subconscious is open to suggestion and positive changes that the client wants can take place.

After the hypnosis part of the session I gently bring my client out of hypnosis and back to a state of full awareness. We will then have a chat and I make sure that he/she feels good and calm before we conclude the session. The mind learns by repetition so an MP3 audio recording is included with every session or package of sessions, this is to be listened to daily for a few weeks and is an important part of the therapy and the positive results.

To have your hypnotherapy or RTT session online there are some considerations to make sure that the session goes smoothly;

  • You need a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session.

  • Turn the phone off and let family members or housemates know that you are not to be disturbed until you come out of the room. If you’re alone at home at the time of your session it’s a good idea to pop a note on the front door to leave parcels etc with a neighbour.

  • You need to be sitting on something comfortable, where you can rest your head back and your neck is supported, but you’re not laying down totally. If you are sitting on your bed you need to be propped up with pillows/cushions.

  • You will need a good internet connection, enough battery on your phone or computer and ear/headphones if possible.

During our current crisis with the Corona Virus and social distancing, I am doing all of my sessions online for the foreseeable future. This means that I can still work with you to combat your current challenges or issues whilst still complying with government advice and keeping yourself, me and others safe and healthy.

Book your discovery call with me here and we can discuss further how I can help you.

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