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❤️ 💕🦋 What is the Healthy Relationship Formula? ❤️ 💕🦋

This is a supportive and inspiring program that helps single women ditch toxic relationships and create healthy, happy love!! ❤️ 💕🦋

This 8 week live online program empowers women to fully heal, love and value themselves so that they can confidently and happily attract and thrive in a mutually respectful, loving and happy romantic relationship!

The program is made up of 8 live zoom sessions (which will be recorded, so replay is always sent afterwards) and a one to one Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session with me to help release any love blocks that have been keeping you stuck from finding the love that you want and deserve!

The program is designed to help women who:

* Are independent, single, career-driven but tend to struggle with low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and limiting beliefs in relationships.

* Have experienced at least one toxic relationship and/or have found themselves triggered and insecure, even when in a 'good' relationship.

* Are aware that they may still be influenced and affected by some negative aspects of childhood and the past and these experiences are still limiting them in their life today.

* When it comes to dating they may feel disillusioned, daunted &/or fed up with the whole process! They may have tried the dating apps but have not had success at meeting a potential partner yet and maybe didn't enjoy this way of meeting people.

* May have a limiting belief that they won't meet anyone and this scares them. They may believe that other people can have fulfilling relationships, but that it won't happen for them!

And They May Also:

* Have grown up not being nurtured by, or emotionally connected with their father or mum (or sometimes both parents). And/or may have witnessed and been affected by a parents' break-up or unhappy relationship.

* Be feeling frustrated, fed up and fearful of attracting another toxic relationship or of driving a future partner away because they have unconsciously sabotaged relationships and their own happiness in the past.

* Be feeling lonely and really desire a fulfilling, loving relationship with a partner, but they don’t trust that this is possible until they release internal blocks to love and heal the past. (And they want to do this inner work but are just not sure how).

How Does The Program Help?

If any of the above sounds like your experience the healthy relationship formula is a step by step process which:

* Will support you to heal childhood wounds including any lingering parental wounds and let go of the past, so that you can be free of any blockages that have been in the way of a healthy relationship.

* Will help you to become so self-aware of past patterns that you know exactly what you do want and what you don’t want. This knowledge will allow you to confidently create what you do want in a future relationship.

* Will show you exactly how to utilise the universal laws of focus, expectation and attraction to begin to manifest healthy, happy love into your life. You actually have a lot more power over this than you may have previously thought and I'll show you exactly how to harness this power!

The Healthy Relationship Formula will also teach you:

* How to take really good care of your inner child (the part that lives within us all and tends to drive our emotions!) so that you can feel confident, calm and at peace.

* How your mind works, how it tends to keep us stuck and how we can utilise our own brains to help, rather than hinder us in getting what we want in love and life.

* How to release the biggest love block that’s been holding you back from feeling the truth; that you are completely worthy of love just as you are! During the program we use powerful processes to literally rewire your mind to this truth.

* How to love yourself more. You teach others how to love and care for you by the way you love and care for yourself. A big focus of this program is practicing self-love, compassion and kindness towards the most important person here, yourself! When you do this for you, you will never accept any less from others!

* How to manage your mind. When you know how to change your thoughts and beliefs and process your emotions in an effective way, your life changes! In this program you learn simple and powerful tools to be able to take care of yourself. This is a game-changer for your future happiness, confidence and peace of mind!

* How to enjoy the dating process. I teach you the best way to think and feel in order to happily and confidently date. When you adopt this way of thinking and feeling about your dating experience, everything changes! When you choose to know that your future relationship is inevitable, you can relax and enjoy meeting new people, in the meantime!

You Will Also Learn How to:

* Create boundaries. During the program we actually go through a process to clarify what is important to you in a relationship. You create your boundaries and learn how to communicate them to a future partner, if they are ever crossed!

* Communicate confidently. You will learn effective ways to ask for what you need and want in a relationship and to feel clear, calm and confident when giving any negative feedback. You learn to communicate clearly, kindly and lovingly so that you are actually understood. You will learn how to take care of yourself and the relationship during conflict too.

* Set a relationship up for success. Both during the program and afterwards with the Relationship Success Toolbox, you have all of the tools, processes and guidelines to set your future relationship up for success from the beginning!

If you've read this blog and thought 'This is me", I invite you to apply for the next live program. Click this link to set up a discovery call and I look forward to chatting with you! ❤️ 💕🦋